Randomdesign is a young brand that deals with interior design, architecture and decoration for Hospitality, wellness and luxury houses.
It was founded by Ilaria Catozzi and Erica Giunchi architects who entered the profession in 2005 with what will be the long standing collaboration with Studio Bizzarro & Partners, of which they became partners after only four years.

In these 10 years of collaboration many projects have been realised in Wellness and Hospitality and many collaborations happened with major clients such as Technogym, HNH Hotels, Relais & Chateaux and many other up to date in which, Randomdesign became a new young identity with proven experience.

Randomdesign defined a new style and diversified the offer by working on hotels and wellness centers, hospitality, villas and apartments and on the leading sector of luxury real estate and home staging and property styling.

Below some of the main projects carried out as Partners, designers and project managers at Studio Bizzarro.

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