Randomdesign offers its services to private customers and professionals such as architects and companies.

We work on two different levels:

  • Relationship between Randomdesign – final customer.
  • Relationship between Randomdesign - professionals.

The relationship with the end customer, for example an hotel company or those who want to make a spa or villa, usually follow the process of direct contact.
The relationship with professionals and companies is rather a new way of working and it's based on providing advice that does not involve direct contact with the final customer.

Given the vast experience we have in the specific sector of Hospitality and wellness, we believe it would be an excellent business opportunity to work with professionals who are facing these issues for the first time or with companies wanting to provide their clients with a design package on top of selling their products.

The services offered to professionals and companies can be summarized as:

Concept design

Architectural Project

Executive Project

Work Management

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